Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay

Get free bitcoin - This is not a joke. Of course If you don't have to pay money to get bitcoin, so you have to work for that. I will show you Top 5 Best Referral Programs that you can seriously focus for.

In order to attract more crypto traders, exchanges and trading platforms incentivize their users with additional ways of earning crypto via lucrative referral programs.

While there are many referral programs out there, hardly any pay enough to be worth the time and effort that goes into growing a formidable referral network.

What’s interesting though, is the best referral programs that are actually worth the effort, are some of the most popular trading platforms that play host to the highest trading volume and members.

Counting down, here are the top 5 in reverse order:

5. Coinbase

Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay 1

To become a Coinbase affiliate you first have to apply. If approved you will be sent a professional marketing kit with promotional assets an impact tracking software.

You are then of course expected to promote Coinbase and use your personal link via articles or by placing tracked ads on your website.

You will earn commissions when new members join Coinbase though your promotions.

Receive a generous 50% of your referees’ trading fees for the first 3 months of their membership.


50% is the highest payout you will receive from any crypto trading platform and the rewards are paid in your local currency no matter where you live via PayPal or bank account.


The entry barrier in order to participate is high and rewards are only paid for 3 months. So, you’d want to make sure your referrals are high quality and big spenders.

4. Coinmama

Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay 2

Anyone is eligible to become a Coinmama affiliate, once registered you are provided with a personalized referral link within your trading account.

You’ll receive 15% of Coinmama’s commission on all of your referral’s purchases and future purchases. There are no limitations, the more customers you refer — the more Bitcoin you earn.


Commission benefits are indefinite, as long as your referred customers keep using coinmama you will continue to receive commissions from their activity.


Because you must have an account to participate you will have to first go through KYC verification processes, which can take some time. But once you’re signed up, your up and away!

3. Local Bitcoin

Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay 3

Local Bitcoin offers registered users 20% of the commission for each referral. If your referral is a buyer and a seller, you will get 20% of the fee from each transaction which will result in a total commission of 40%.


Payments are generous and paid daily as successful transactions are processed.


To register with Local Bitcoin also requires KYC verification.

2. Binance

Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay 4

As per the standard referral system, Binance affiliates must be registered members and will be issued their personal referral link within their trading account.

The commission you will receive from the Binance referral program is initially be set at a rate of 20%. For accounts that hold more than 500 BNB (eq. to approx USD $8,500), this rate increases to 40%.


Binance commissions are generous. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer and payments are made in real-time, indefinitely — as long as your referrals continue trading on the platform you will continue to be paid.


As per the norm, Binance also requires KYC to register an account.

1. Prime XBT

Get Free Bitcoin with Top 5 Best Referral Programs for anyone … that really Pay 5

Coming in at number one as the best paying referral program is Prime XBTwith a unique 4-tier rewards system. Unlike any other referral program, Prime XBT pays its affiliates not just by their direct referrals, but also from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-tier referrals.

The 4 Levels of Rewards

Level 1 — Direct Referrals: Net 20% of all commission fees.

Level 2 — Referred by Level 1: Net 15% of all commission fees.

Level 3 — Referred by Level 2: Net 10% of all commission fees.

Level 4 — Referred by Level 3: Net 5% of all commission fees.


Despite the fact that Prime XBT’s commission rates are some of the lowest in the crypto market, its referral program pays 10 times more than other competitors. This is made possible by the high leverage offered by PrimeXBT of up to 100x, as it transfers to the commission of rewards. Also, there are NO KYC requirements to register and commissions are paid indefinitely for life.


The advanced platform is the new kid on the block, so not as well known and trusted as other leading exchanges, yet. Despite its youth, Prime XBT is already averaging over $100 million in 24-hour trading volume and predicted by experts to reach $250 billion within the next 6-months.

With a large and active referral network that pays as well as these affiliate programs do, there is the potential to build a full-scale business — with no initial investment. In fact, many people are doing just this already.

By VnRebates

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